Ben Ullrich

For me internet architecture is not something I learned for a career, it is a passion that I made my career.

Designing and implementing innovative website solutions using, CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla), SEO, SEM, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Where I started with web design.

When I was in just 4th grade the internet was really starting to show its color's. For the first time anyone could play flash games, do research or just find funny things to look at. Our school even had a website and personal network storage for each student. I knew right away that I would be spending a large part of my life around computers. That same year I helped setup a webpage for each teacher so parents could access class information and teachers could post research tools to help with homework.

I still remember that first time using Netscape WYSIWYG editor to make my cursor change to something crazy. By 7th grade I learned and started building websites using HTML and CSS. Throughout high school I took on odd web design jobs for fun and continued to learn new skills. After 2 years in sales I am back doing what I love, with a whole new perspective on how people are “sold” on the internet.